Toddler Bundle for 1
Toddler Bundle for 1
Toddler Bundle for 1
Toddler Bundle for 1
Toddler Bundle for 1
Toddler Bundle for 1

Toddler Bundle for 1


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Bundle Includes :

1. Aribebe - Microfiber Embossing Blanket (x2 of your choice)
2. Aribebe - Attachment Animal Pillow - Baby Pillow (x1 of your choice)
3. Children Books (x3 of your choice)

Aribebe - Microfiber Embossing Blanket

  • Blanket Size – 750mm by 1100mm
  • Fabric Front – Cotton 100%, Fabric Back – Polyester 100%
  • Net Weight: 400g
  • The use of Non-fluorescent Microfiber Fabric increases the safety and well-being of children and infants. Also suitable for children with sensitive skin. This blanket is soft and warm, very light weight, suitable for newborn baby to toddler.

Aribebe - Attachment Animal Pillow

  • Pillow Size – 650mm by 450mm
  • Animal Pillow Cover – Allergy Care Fabric, Pillow Pad Filling – 100% High Quality Microfiber Cotton
  • Net Weight: 1000g
  • Aribebe uses Allergy Care Fabric for its pillow cover which has a denser weave than regular fabrics. This protects against dust mites and harmful substances, which helps to create a comfortable sleeping environment. TORAY Downfill Advanced Material is used for the pillow pad filling. This high quality material is anti-dust mite and allergy-resistant. The best material to make a pillow.  

Children Books

Refer to the link below for more description of the books


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