Sweet Dream Package
Sweet Dream Package
Sweet Dream Package
Sweet Dream Package
Sweet Dream Package
Sweet Dream Package

Sweet Dream Package


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Bundle Includes :

1. Mejornoje - Multi Colour Bumpermat - Baby Bumpermat x1
2. Aribebe - Microfiber Embossing Blanket (x1 of your choice)
3. Aribebe - Attachment Animal Pillow - Baby Pillow (x1 of your choice)

Mejornoje - Baby Bumpermat

  • Bumpermat Size – 1200mm by 1400mm by 400mm 
  • Premium Material Usage
    The use of premium PU Fabric minimizes the sound generated and also improves the cushioning feeling. 40mm high density PE Foam is used for the interior and is an eco-friendly material. 10 layers of high-elasticity foam layer and 9 layers of support layer disperse the impact. Its excellent cushioning power absorbs shocks to reduce the impact sound going to the floor, reducing noise between floors.
  • Value-Packed
    Multi-Functional Bumper Mat that does more than just ensuring utmost safety of your baby; a product that aids development of motor skills from 3 till 12 months old (up to 10+ essential motor skills). This Bumper Mat can also serve as both a baby cot and a bed that offers maximum peace of mind for parents - can be used for 3 months old all the way till they are 4 years old.

Aribebe - Microfiber Embossing Blanket

  • Blanket Size – 750mm by 1100mm
  • Fabric Front – Cotton 100%, Fabric Back – Polyester 100%
  • Net Weight: 400g
  • The use of Non-fluorescent Microfiber Fabric increases the safety and well-being of children and infants. Also suitable for children with sensitive skin. This blanket is soft and warm, very light weight, suitable for newborn baby to toddler.

Aribebe - Attachment Animal Pillow

  • Pillow Size – 650mm by 450mm
  • Animal Pillow Cover – Allergy Care Fabric, Pillow Pad Filling – 100% High Quality Microfiber Cotton
  • Net Weight: 1000g
  • Aribebe uses Allergy Care Fabric for its pillow cover which has a denser weave than regular fabrics. This protects against dust mites and harmful substances, which helps to create a comfortable sleeping environment. TORAY Downfill Advanced Material is used for the pillow pad filling. This high quality material is anti-dust mite and allergy-resistant. The best material to make a pillow.  


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