animal pillow Singapore, Aribebe Korea, Nursing Pillow, Cute pillow for kids, Best pillow for toddler
animal pillow Singapore, Aribebe Korea, Nursing Pillow, Cute pillow for kids, Best pillow for toddler
animal pillow Singapore, Aribebe Korea, Nursing Pillow, Cute pillow for kids, Best pillow for toddler
animal pillow Singapore, Aribebe Korea, Nursing Pillow, Cute pillow for kids, Best pillow for toddler
animal pillow Singapore, Aribebe Korea, Nursing Pillow, Cute pillow for kids, Best pillow for toddler

Aribebe - BERI Attachment Animal Pillow - Baby Pillow


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  • Pillow Size – 650mm by 450mm

  • Animal Pillow Cover – Allergy Care Fabric, Pillow Pad Filling – 100% High Quality Microfiber Cotton

  • Net Weight: 1000g

  • Made in Korea
    They have their own In-house Production in Korea and produces robust and high-quality products. 100% Self-Made + Sewing. Having their own in-house factory ensures that quality is being monitored at the best all the time.

  • Designed by Children
    The 5 Animal Pillows are specially designed by children and manufactured by Aribebe. These cute expressions are unique to each animal, giving off an luxurious design with drawing feel. There is a small name tag attached to the pillow, which your child can name their bestfriend.

  • Act as an Attachment Doll and Pillow
    For children, attachment dolls are not just dolls, they communicated emotionally. It is an object that provides psychological stability. Even when they eat or sleep, they will have their doll with them at any time. This forms a special relationship between them.

  • Premium Material
    Aribebe uses Allergy Care Fabric for its pillow cover which has a denser weave than regular fabrics. This protects against dust mites and harmful substances, which helps to create a comfortable sleeping environment. TORAY Downfill Advanced Material is used for the pillow pad filling. This high quality material is anti-dust mite and allergy-resistant. The best material to make a pillow.   

  • Hot Selling Brand in more than 10 countries
    Not only is Aribebe a well-known brand in Korea, it has also become an International brand with its presence in more than 10 countries like USA, Japan, Brazil and many more.

  • Safety Certificates

  • Depending on the cleanliness inside the washing machine, it can cause contamination of the product and shrinkage of the fabric.
  • After washing, the fabric develops a water-loss. Please wash according to the washing instructions.
  • The smell from the fabric is not a product with a problem. The smell of a new fabric will naturally disappear after a few washes.
  • The wrinkle phenomenon seen in the fabric is Aribebe's special processing method. The air washing technique makes the fabric softer and more glossy, and wrinkles are naturally formed in the process. Exchanges and refunds are not possible due to wrinkles.

 Aribebe Animal Lovely Pillow

If the product is damaged due to carelessness, exchange or return is not possible. Please refer to the washing instructions below.

  1. Please wash the animal attachment pillow by hand + mild detergent (wool shampoo) in cold water.
  2. Do not soak in water. It can cause discoloration and deformation.
  3. Do not boil at high temperature. No chlorine bleaching. Dryer not recommended. Even if a defect is found in the washed product, the error is accurately detected. It cannot be identified and is not a reason for a return. Contamination and defects found after washing are caused by the seller's negligence. It is difficult to see, so after receiving the product, please check whether it is defective before washing it.
  4. Aribebe uses only proven fabrics and materials.
  5. Hand washing is always recommended to reduce fabric damage.
  6. Aribebe ships products through three times strict self-inspection. However, sometimes due to the nature of textile products, fluffs and seams may occur between fabrics due to external friction in the process of production, shipment, and packaging. Please note that this is not a product defect at all and cannot be exchanged or returned.
  7. Due to the nature of the fabric, it may be heavily damaged if it is washed in hot water, soaked for a long time or washed using a dryer. No Exchange/Refund will be given for such reasons.
  8. Consumers have the responsibility and obligation to verify the product after receipt. This product is used by children from newborns onwards, so please be sure to read the precautions and pay special attention to the washing method.
  9. Product color may be slightly different from the actual product and returns or exchanges are not possible due to color differences.

Precautions When Washing Aribebe's Cotton!

  •  It is recommended to dry the cotton naturally in the sun.
  • Please keep this in mind as cotton may shrink and deform after washing due to the nature of the product.
  • If the cotton clumps on one side after washing or dehydration inevitably, touch it while shaking it with your hands. If you hold the product with a hanger, tap it, and spread it out, the pillow's cotton will come back to life.
  • Aribebe's cotton products are 100% handmade. Due to the nature of cotton, returns are not possible after washing.


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